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Safety Conference Info

Safety in the Church


Ruidoso, NM

January 25, 2020

1pm - 5pm

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Safety in the Church


New Braunfels, Texas

February 1, 2020

1pm - 5pm

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Future Conference Locations:

Springfield, Missouri
Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
Boone, North Carolina
Surfside, South Carolina
Williamsburg, Virginia
Philadelphia, PA

Macon, Georgia

Hot Springs, Arkansas
Brookeland, Texas
Canyon Lake, Texas
Ruidoso, New Mexico

POFC has a vision of establishing Americas FIRST 100% Christian Police Academy! There are MANY steps that we must take to accomplish this goal. Follow our progress below.

Partnership with a state institution that will allow us to utilize their accredited curriculum so that cadets can complete a fully accredited Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice while at POFC.
UPDATE 4/1/2018: We have an initial agreement for the university to accept ALL POFC student accepted based on OUR criteria. We are now working to ensure preferred class placement.

This partnership will allow cadets to attend the basic police academy within their first year to allow them 2 additional years of certified police experience before graduation.

In order to run a police academy we must have an established location. In this phase we are raising funds to purchase a minimum of 20 acres of property in Georgia to being the process of establishing the academy. Why Georgia? Because we are trying to be strategic about the location. Georgia, Florida and Texas all allow police officers to be commissioned at the age of 18 or 19 (see phase 5 for the importance of this fact) and do not require a centralized academy. We have an established relationship with the Georgia POST and with higher education institutions in Georgia. So the strategy works here, but if this falls through we are looking at Texas and Florida.

During this phase we will build a residential facility for 40 students and a training facility that has a:

  • Gymnasium for Defensive Tactics and Physical Fitness Training
  • Classrooms space
  • Outdoor gun range
  • Dining Facilities
This will provide for continual financial funding of the property. In this phase we will relocation the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators dispatch center to our property. We will build a building for the Central Dispatch Location and housing for POFC visiting instructors.

We will open our POFC program to full-time students. Students will live on campus full-time, will work in the dispatch enter, will become commissioned reserve police officers and will be certified as EMT’s and will volunteer at the local EMS center. Upon completion of a 2 year course of study, students will have:

  • An Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from an accredited state college
  • EMT-B certificate with 1 ½ years of experience volunteering at an EMS location
  • 2 years of experience working in the NACSA dispatch center
  • 1 year of experience working as a reserve police officer
  • Completion of the Global University School of the Bible certified minister’s course
  • Completion of a POST certified police academy

Executive Team

Tom Saccenti
Chief of Police
Victor Morrow
Executive Director
Kent McGregor
FDLE Chief of Investigations (ret)


Field Advisors

Kevin Collins
Chief of Police
Rick Morris
Chief of Public Safety
Joseph Mulnix
Chief of Public Safety
Darell Freeman
Sergeant (Ret.)
Jimmy Callaway
Chief of Police
Paul Morrison
Sergeant (Ret.)
Mike Simmons
Sergeant (Ret.)
Robert Vazquez
Police Chaplin

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